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Medicine Buddha is the patron deity of Tibetan Medicine, one of the most honoured figures in Buddhism. He embodies healing power of Buddha for all beings. He is seated in the meditation mudra (cross legged pose) on a multi colore lotus, with the healing bowl in one hand and the stem of myrobalan plant in the other. The bright blue color of his skin radiates an aura which will have a calming effect on the mind when used in visualization practices. The blue color is obtained from the rare semi precious stone lapis lazuli, found in the remotest areas of Northeast Afghanistan. Tibetan medicine emphasizes on holistic health, body as well as mind and soul. The painting is made one handmade paper, with natural colors and pure gold. Gift yourself with the faith of healing power of Medicine Buddha

Product Specifications

Framed Height In Inches 28
Framed Weight 2
Framed Width In Inches 18

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