Krishna Leela - Rajasthani Kishangarh School


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Colorful stories of Krishna's youth, handpainted in Kishangarh style of Rajasthan! Gopi's are really fond of Krishna, and Krishna takes advantage of this and plays pranks on them. Krishna interecpts Gopi's carrying butter and milk in earthen pots. He breaks the pots and savours the milk and butter. Gopi's complaint, but such is Krishna's charm that they always give in! The beautiful faces, expressive eyes and ornate detailing brings delight to heart. The fine brush strokes in the beautiful green landscape and the trickles of the stream capture the beautiful landscape like none other! This piece will brighten up your wall and fill your home with divine love! Make this delightful piece a part of your home!

Product Specifications

Framed Height In Inches 21
Framed Weight 5
Framed Width In Inches 31

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