KrishnaLeela With Dashavtars - Odisha Pattachitra


Product Description

This monochrome handpainted visual from the story of Krishna Leela, the musical, mischievious life of Krishna is will leave the beholder gazing for long! The detailing is extreme - notice the Dashavtars on both the sides - the incarnations of Lord Vishnu! Surrounding Krishna and Radha, are the Gopi's, Radha's friends, each devout to Krishna, and thus having Krishna at their side, as he obliges all of them with his many forms for a dance!  Fascinating is the best word to describe this one - own it now!

Product Specifications

Base Material Hand painted on Cloth Canvas treated with natural material painted using natural colors
Framed Height In Inches 17
Framed Width In Inches 23
Framed Weight 0.75
Frame Type Acrylic

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