Krishna Leela With Dashavtar - Odisha Pattachitra


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Product Description

Colorful stories of Krishna's youth, hand painted on hand processed canvas, using colors made from natural materials! The beautiful faces, expressive eyes and ornate detailing brings delight to heart. Krishna's flute has pulled Radha and Gopi's from the village into the forest, such is the melody! The colors are bright, but not sharp on eyes. Depicted on top and bottom are the Dashavatars from the Hindu mythology, the incarnations of Vishnu. This piece will brighten up your wall and fill your home with divine love! Make this delightful piece a part of your home!

Product Specifications

Base Material Hand painted on Cloth Canvas treated with natural material painted using natural colors
Framed Height In Inches 23
Framed Width In Inches 17
Framed Weight 0.75
Frame Type Acrylic

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