Ban Durga - Odisha Pattachitra


Product Description

This amazing, unusual creation depicts Ban Durga, the form of the Mother Goddess in which she is the wife of Lord Shiva. Vishnu is seen as removing a thorn from Durga's toes. Vishnu had ridiculed the carrying of the Goddess around the forest by her husband, Shiva. Ban Durga started walking on foot and her foot got pricked by a thorn. Hence Vishnu had to fall to her feet and remove the thorn! Get this beautiful work home, which will quickly start lot of conversations!

Product Specifications

Base Material Hand painted on Cloth Canvas treated with natural material painted using natural colors Base Materi
Framed Height In Inches 21
Framed Width In Inches 15
Framed Weight 0.75
Frame Type Acrylic

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