Red Mata Ni Pachedi - Gujarat


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Handpainted Mata Ni Pachedi - the traditional temple hangings used by the nomadic tribes of Gujarat for worshipping of Mother Goddess, while on move. This Pachedi depicts Maledi Mata, on a rooster, divine symbol of great power and slayer of Evil. Notice the temple like architectural pattern around the throne of the deity. Red is the color of life and verve, Black is believed to ward off evil, and white stands for purity.  Every square inch of the canvas is filled with minute depictions of related stories. All of these have been handpainted over a period of 2 months. Each fine line in the painting is an expert stroke by the artist, who believe they transfer their soul to the Goddess by painting each and every line  with their own hands. The art is considered Sacred, and although the artistic value has increased over the years, artists insist that the paintings be treated with reverence, for they are tribute to the Mother Goddess, and are believed to ward off evil

Product Specifications

Framed Height In Inches 37
Framed Weight 5
Framed Width In Inches 29

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