Krishna Playing Flute - Madhubani


Product Description

Bring love of life to your home with this beautiful painting, which depicts Krishna playing flute for his beloved, Radha. Lovers swear by their divine love. Stories of their devotion are abundant in Hindu mythology. This painting shows Krishna playing his flute, which mesmerised humans and animals, old and young, men and women alike.  The painting has been created on Canvas using all natural colours, in the traditional Madhubani style. Notice the characteristic elongated eyes and the harmony of colours. The intricate  detailing on the dress and ornaments are a result of painstakingly long hours put in by the artist. Let divine love be in the air! Bring home a slice of this legendary romance for the love of your life, or Gift this romance to your favorite couple

Product Specifications

Base Material Colors from Natural material on Canvas
Framed Height In Inches 27
Framed Width In Inches 12
Framed Weight 0.75
Frame Type Acrylic

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