Radha Shringar - Geet Govind - Kangra


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O Beloved, place a fresh circle of musk, black as the lunar spots, on the moon of my forehead; and mix gay flowers on my tresses with a peacock's feathers, in graceful order, that they may wave like the banners of Kama." - Beautiful, Dreamy Depiction of this plea of Radha to her beloved Krishna, taken from the epic Geet Govind of the 12th century poet, Jaidev. Words of these verses have been brought to life by the Artist, and you can feel the love in the air! Perfect gift for your beloved, and a perfect treasure for your own love nest -get it now!

Product Specifications

Base Material Hand made paper using mineral pigments and pure gold
Framed Height In Inches 11.5
Framed Width In Inches 15.5
Framed Weight 0.5
Frame Type Glass Frame

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