Radha Krishna - Geet Govind - Kangra


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Can you see the musical notes of the divine love of Radha and Krishna, or can you listen to the fine brush strokes in the beautiful green landscape and the trickles of the stream! This is fusion of Poetry and Brush Work - a delicate pictorial rendering of the verses of the Epic Poem, Geet Govind, of the 12th Century poet, Jayadev. Geet Govind sings about the love of Radha and Krishna, both divine and humane. Krishna is hypnotised by the love and beauty of Radha, who reciprocates the emotion and looks to be in complete surrender. Love flourishes in the beautiful surroundings, on the banks of this beautiful stream surrounded with vast greens. Take home this poem to adorn your nest - bring home the love!

Product Specifications

Base Material Hand made paper using mineral pigments and pure gold
Framed Height In Inches 11.5
Framed Width In Inches 15.5
Framed Weight 0.5
Frame Type Glass Frame

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