Shiv Parvati - Kalamkari


Product Description

This handpainted image of Shiva and Parvati is Kalamkari in all its glory - Kalamkari is mainly based on Hindu mythology, and Shiva is one of the much revered deities. Shown here with his wife Parvati in Ashirwad Mudra (Bestowing blessings), this magnificent hand painted work will be the centre of attention in your home. Natural dyes have been used on cloth canvas treated to retain the colors. The beauty of the forms and the ornate detailing makes this piece collectible! Go ahead and get it!

Product Specifications

Base Material Cloth canvas treated with natural material and colors made out of natural material
Framed Height In Inches 47
Framed Width In Inches 25
Framed Weight 5
Frame Type Without Glass

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