Fish And Tree - Gond


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Transcendence is the only word for this mystic piece of art. Has it been created by a simple tribal artist, who takes life one day each, or by some great thinker or philosopher who  is trying to come up with the meaning of life for each one of us? What is your reading of this picture - doesn't it say that life began in water and travelled to land? Doesn't it talk about the basic principle of sustenance - peaceful co-existence? Observe and appreciate how the artist has successfully created the hues of colours in the head of the fish with the help of pale background and blue strokes.  This fascinating work of art deserves the walls of your home or work place - go ahead and own it!

Product Specifications

Base Material Canvas with acrylic colors
Framed Height In Inches 16.5
Framed Width In Inches 12
Framed Weight 0.5
Frame Type Acrylic

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