Gifts at Kalavithi

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Gift art this season!

Gift brilliantly - and be remembered for your gifts! Not just by your loved ones, but by the artists who quietly create elegance and class, sitting miles away, hoping that their creations reach the right beholders hands! Yes, your choice of gifts can impact on communities thousands of miles away from you what better gift is there?

And all this from comfort of your own space - You Choose, We Pack, We Deliver!

Gift classy handmade art from Kalavithi!

  1. Gifts for your loved ones- Show them how much you care, whether they are near you, or seven seas apart! Choose from our wide collection of elegant art pieces from all parts of India! Gift them a slice of India!
  2. Corporate gifting- Memorable and Classy way to thank clients, reward employees and encourage referrals. We offer hassle free solutions to all your gifting needs, the services includes, vast choice- sampling- selection-attractive packaging and on time delivery!
  3. Theme based gifts- Kalavithi has theme based paintings to make every occasion special. Exquisite vases, timeless brass artifects, handmade paintings on cotton, silk, canvas to enrich a ceremonial wedding, valentines day, mothers day and more!

Buy handmade and support the local artists!

You shop, we ship worldwide!

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