Accolades for Women Artists - Yashashri Desai

Posted Date - 08-03-2017 | Posted By - Kalavithi

Celebrating Women, Kalavithi wants the world to meet these beautiful ladies, whose hands not only create mystic art, but also shape the lives of their loved ones and their own!

These are different from urban career women - They can't outsource mundane tasks in pursuit of a passion, They need to be present for their family and extended families, and help them out - But the common thread is the desire to become independent, to be able to share financial responsibilities, to give a better quality of life to their family, to be known in a world which is very different from theirs, while still being connected to their roots!

Today we would like you to meet Yashashri Desai - a very talented painter, who is an epitome of creativity! Yashashri has backed up her creative streak with a formal degree in Fine Arts, and has been practicing the art for the last 20 years. Her creations based on the Ajanta caves are absolutely breathtaking! Her renderings come alive on all sorts of canvases - Handamde paper canvas, pots, murals, MDF and more. When we met her, the first feeling was as if she has internalized many virtues of Buddha himself while she paints his features, his body language and the scenes describing his life and teachings. Art purifies the soul, and in Yashasri's case, we felt the vibes very strongly. The deep philosophy of gaining happiness in simplicity reflects in her ways! She is the happiest when she is in her creative seat, beautifying one canvas after another, spreading the peace of Buddha's eyes for the world to behold!

Your creations are stunning Yashashri - Keep spreading Happiness and Peace through your Art!

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