Vaastu Considerations of Paintings in your Space - Fish Paintings

Posted Date - 22-03-2017 | Posted By - Kalavithi

Ancient Art represents culture. Art conveys a deeper than visual meaning and philosophy through symbolism. Ancient cultures like Indian, Chinese, Greek, Roman and beliefs in Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity have attached iconic meaning to many day to day objects and scenarios. Every object in a typical household is believed to have a symbolic and ritualistic meaning, and is to be treated or handled in a certain way, to bring prosperity, health and good omen in the home. A great way to usher in positivity is to decorate your home with paintings of positive images and icons.

Today we talk of Fish images. Fish images have been associated with prosperity and abundance in Vaastu and Feng Shui. They are believed to channelise positive energies to bring money, career and business luck. The relation of fish with water is that of abundance, tapping into the deepest energies of the ocean and keeping afloat inspite of being surrounded by the unknown, mysterious world. Fish represent fertility, fidelity, feminity, creativity, prosperity, abundance, awareness, freedom and luck, in most of the ancient cultures across the world.