Vastu Considerations of Paintings in Your Home - Paintings of Sun

Posted Date - 23-02-2017 | Posted By - Kalavithi

Choice and Placement of Paintings, photographs, images and other wall decor in your home is important. Certain images are supposed to be auspicious and believed to bring good health, prosperity, and good luck!

We talk about the Sun today. Sun - the pivot of our solar system, and the pivot of life on earth - there can be nothing more auspicious than a brightly colored painting or photograph of Sun. Ideally your home should get direct sunlight at some time or the other during the day. Bu if it doesn't, you can use images of the Sun inside your home. East is the direction of Sun, and here is where you can hang pictures of rising or shining Sun! An image of Sun is believed to be auspicious, and good for your social relations.

Gifting an image of Sun is extremely auspicious - it marks new beginnings.

Placing a painting of Sun at work place is believed to bring in more business. Sun is the source of energy to our universe - it will bring vitality to your being and your abode.

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