About Peacocks, Monsoon and Mythology!

Posted Date - 06-07-2016 | Posted By - Kalavithi

Peacocks have a special place in Indian mythology. It is believed to be the Vahan (means of travel) of Lord Shiva's son, Karthikeya. Lord Krishna adorned peacock feathers in his hair. Its beauty and this mythological connect has won itself an important place in Indian folk paintings. Even the ancient cave paintings, believed to be around 3000 year old, have peacock forms. The royal elegance of a dancing peacock, with all the feathers spread out, is to be seen to be believed. A folklore says that when God was creating various life forms on earth, he wanted to create a form which has supreme beauty, and in the process, he lost track of time. So he created the legs of the peacock in quite a hurry. Hence the legs of the peacock are ugly, compared to the rest of its body. Another one says that the legs were created ugly to keep it grounded and not be arrogant about its beauty. Another one is from the epic Uttar Ramayan, which says that the king of Gods, Indra, took shelter under the wings of a peacock during his fight with Ravan. In return for the favor, Indra blessed the peacock with the thousand eyes, which are on its feathers. Peacocks respond to the change of seasons, and are known to celebrate the rains, by dancing in glory with the feathers spread when the sky is overcast with clouds, and this is one of the favorite subjects of artists and poets, in their paintings, and poetry.

This beautiful dancing peacock, handpainted in Kalamkari with natural colors, surely fills your heart with joy! It is a treat to the eyes and hearts of ardent admirers of nature's creations.

Notice the delicately shaped form, the balanced position of the feet and the ornate detailing in the fully spread feathers. It appears that it is dancing at the sight of overcast sky, to the tune of the mild, slightly moist, cool breeze, signaling the arrival of rains. The intricate bead work around the peacock and the floral motifs in the surrounding space are adding to the princely and slightly arrogant gait of this beautiful creation. The colors compliment each other, and despite being vibrant, appear as one integrated form.

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