Beauty of Gond Art

Posted Date - 08-01-2018 | Posted By - Kalavithi

Tribal life is one with forest, and forest elements are abundant in Gond Art . These paintings are characterized by fusion like images of animals, birds, and trees. To understand these images, one must know the story behind the image. It could be story of the peacock's legs being ugly,or fight of a snake and mongoose showing survival of the fittest. There are simple outlines, and fills of dots, dashes, fine lines etc.

These paintings depict the cohesive living of humans with nature beautifully - there will be birds and cows, or tiger and birds, or trees with peacocks, conveying that their oneness with the forests in which they live. Originally these paintings were made with plant parts, charcoal, cow dung and clays, but as they switched to canvas, and became widespread, the artists started using synthetic colors.

Relish the mystic aura of this, and many more such creations!

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