Accolades for Women Artists - Bhagwan Devi

Posted Date - 07-03-2017 | Posted By - Kalavithi

This Women's Day Kalavithi accolades the Women Folk Artists from Remotest areas of India pursuing to keep India's heritage alive! These women have been pursuing their passion for art, in addition to being wife, mother, daughter and what not, and in turn also becoming the provider for their family by earning out of their passion.

Meet Bhagwan Devi - an artist of Mithila Art. Her art is a spiral of stories, mythology and nature! She creates beautiful Godana art, weaving stories of Radha-Krishna, Ram-Sita and others. The detailing is extreme, and the colors are vibrant.

Madhubani is an art originally practiced by women, and like other women, Bhagwan Devi learnt it from her grandma and mother, and nourished it with her husband's mother after marriage. It is in her genes, and hence an intrinsic part of her being. She continues practicing her art at the age of 50, and has been recognized for her Godana paintings and won awards in various forums!

Kudos to You Bhagwan Devi - we love you and we love your art! Keep Creating!

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