The Logo

The logo of Kalavithi depicts 'K' and 'V' of Bangla script ( Bengali Language ). Kalavithi literally means 'Art (Kala) Gallery (Vithi)' in Sanskrit language. Majority of Indian languages have evolved from Sanskrit, and to choose a Sanskrit name is a depiction of our 'Back-To-Root' experience promise. Red and Orange are believed to be auspicious and filled with positive energy, and festivity, which is the inspiration for creation of these folk arts. Folk Paintings celebrate life - marriage, victory, nature, beauty, love, faith - so does Kalavithi!


Kalavithi is on a Mission to be the catalyst for revival of classy Folk Art Forms through the startup, and to help restore the Artists' pride and confidence in their work by providing them Global market and steady demand pipeline; to become the bridge of choice between the connoisseurs and enthusiasts of Folk Art alike, and the Practitioners across the Globe.


By bringing the best in class folk art paintings on the finger tips of Art Patrons, Kalavithi envisions to provide' back to roots' experience to modern day nomads scattered across the world as a result of globalization of economies and business! We also envision to preserve these folk art forms by providing marketing platform to the artists, to enable them to spend more time on creating the art, rather than finding markets for it.

Dipti Jana

Dipti, an IT veteran of 25 years, was driven by passion for Folk Arts while conceiving the startup Kalavithi. Hailing from a family where work of hand is much valued and practiced, Dipti appreciates the efforts required for creation of art, and feels strongly for preserving these arts and artists, so that they can focus completely on their creative side and give their best to their art. A childhood spent in small town places has kept her close to the roots, and the urge to give back to the society has been the inspiration behind this Endeavour. When not working for the cause of Folk Arts, Dipti is immersed in cooking and reading!

Subir Jana

Entrepreneur with a Vision, through this enterprise, Subir wants to connect the cultural dots across the world. While he wants to serve the various cultures of the world on a single platter, he also wants the various cultures to maintain their identity, which is getting lost in the single urban culture, with people all over the world having similar routines, eating similar foods, living in similar houses, wearing similar clothes and even having similar dreams and ambitions! Kalavithi is benefitted from Subir's expertise in Supply Chain Management and logistics has helped Kalavithi

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